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From YouTube, distributed by A24 in North America! An unprecedented video experience!


11/18 (Wed) - 11/30 (Thu)

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

2021/90 min/USA/Dean Fleischer Camp

Body length 2.5 cm. His name is Marcel. A talkative and curious shellfish.
He lives with his grandmother Connie in a house.
One day, she meets Dean, a filmmaker who has moved to her house, and discovers the human world for the first time.
When he uploads a video to YouTube to find his separated family, it instantly goes viral on social media and becomes popular all over the United States... ?

An irresistibly cute piglet puppet animation!


12/8 (Fri.) - 12/14 (Thu.)


2022/73 min/Netherlands/Mascha Halberstad

A Dutch puppet animation depicting the turmoil that ensues when a girl receives a piglet as a birthday present. Babs, a 9-year-old girl, receives a piglet from her grandfather instead of the puppy she wanted for her birthday. Babs is dissatisfied at first, but as she names the piglet Knorr and lives with him, she gradually becomes an irreplaceable person. However, there is a terrible reason hidden behind the grandfather's gift of a piglet to Babs.

​Depicting the hardships of Italian immigrants

ICI - Creuseurs © Les Films du Tambour de Soie.png


No Dogs or Italians Allowed

2021/70 min/France/Alain Ughetto

Uguettera, the village of the Uguette family in northern Italy, early 20th century. The Uguette family dreamed of a better life abroad as life in the area became extremely difficult. Legend has it that Luigi Uguette crossed the Alps to start a new life in France, forever changing the fate of his beloved family. His grandson travels back in time and looks back on Luigi's history. Winner of the 2022 European Best Animation Award.

Puppet animation based on best-selling children's book



Even Mice Belong in Heaven

2021/87 minutes/Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovakia/Jan Bubenicek, Denisa Grimmová

A mischievous mouse and a shy fox. After losing their lives, the two animals wake up in heaven! As they go on adventures together, a friendship develops between them. They realize that if they work together, they can overcome any difficulties or fears. What kind of fate awaits them at the end of their adventure?

A miraculous stop-motion animation created through tenacity and madness over the course of 30 years.


12/1 (Fri.) - 12/7 (Thu.)

Mad God

2021/84 min/USA/Phil Tippett

Without him, there would be no Star Wars or Jurassic Park.
30 years in the making, this menacing stop-motion animation was created by a master master.
A lone assassin dispatched by the last man of humanity to descend into a desolate dark world deep underground, where he witnesses the end of the world, which has become a den of cruel monsters.

Special screening! An unprecedented blockbuster animated by 35 of the world's best animation artists.


11/24 (Fri.) - 11/30 (Thu.) *Closed on 11/25 and 26

Couple Animation Winter Day

2003/1 hour 45 min/Japan/Kihachiro Kawamoto

Couple animation “Winter Day”
A collection of art animations filled with surprise and emotion, expressing Basho's couplets in animation. The world of haiku depicted in Matsuo Basho's ``Winter Days'' is expressed through a collaboration of master animation artists with a proven track record in the world of top-notch art animation.

Documentary “Poets of a Winter Day”
We will introduce the actual images of the participating anime artists, their behind-the-scenes work, and animation techniques. For fans of art animation and those who aspire to become animation artists, this video is full of bible-like treasures.

​Behind the door is a secret world. But be careful. There are wishes that should not come true.


12/1 (Fri.) - 12/7 (Thu.)


2009/100 min/USA/Blu-ray/Henry Selick

'' The Nightmare Before Christmas'' director Henry Selick is adapting Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel into a stop-motion animated film. Coraline, a curious girl, finds a small sealed door in an old apartment she just moved into. Beyond the door is a different world full of mysterious circuses and musicals, and there are kind parents who will listen to anything, but for some reason their eyes are made of buttons.

Charlie Bowers, the crazy boy no one knows about, comes back to life after 100 years!


11/18 (Wed) - 11/30 (Thu)

Nobody Knows Charley Bowers

106 min / USA / Charley Bowers

The Crazy Boy Nobody Knows = Charley Bowers: Revived after 100 years!The modern, punk, surrealistic, and crazy Charley Bowers' films were created nearly 100 years ago at the end of the silent era. In addition to the bizarre visual worlds created by the fusion of detailed stop-motion animation and live action (the "Bowers Process"), Bowers astonishes the viewer with a melancholy reminiscent of Buster Keaton, the King of Comedy, and a madness that rivals Keaton's. His films are funny, sometimes horrifying, and sometimes funny, Bowers' melancholy, like that of comedian Buster Keaton, and his Keaton-esque madness surprise, amuse, and even frighten the viewer. Bowers, however, remains a mystery. This film unravels the fascination of Bowers' works, which have been buried in history.

The story of our birth! Documentary footage


12/15 (Fri.) - 12/21 (Thu.)

Le complexe de Frankenstein

2015/104 min/France/Gilles Penso, Alexandre Poncet

Based on interviews with well-known artists from "Gremlins," "The Abyss," "Terminator 2," "Jurassic Park," "Starship Troopers," "Spider-Man 2," and many other films, this film explores the fascinating relationship between creatures and their creators. Documentary. The film takes a close look at the moment when specialists of all kinds, known as "modern-day Frankensteins" (i.e., creators of monsters), create life from scratch.

silent movie narrator


11/25 (Sat.) - 11/26 (Sun.)


1925/63 min/USA/ Harry O. Hoyt

The original dinosaur movie from about 90 years ago! A group of scientists who claim the existence of dinosaurs go to the South American continent, encounter dinosaurs, and experience an unknown adventure. They capture the dinosaurs and bring them back to London. This legendary film was produced by Willis H. O'Brien, the mentor of Ray Harryhausen, the creator of "King Kong," using the first stop-motion special photography. The masterful duo of Akiko Sasaki (Benshi) and Masayo Nagata (Musicians) bring this silent film classic to life!

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