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The first edition of a film festival specializing in "stop-motion" animation.From a total of 1,337 submissions for the International Competition, we have selected 30 films for the Incompetiton and 31 films for the Category Selection,The 30 films in the Incompetition and 31 films in the Category Selection have been selected from among the 1,337 submissions to the International Competition! The selected films areThe selected films will be screened from December 1 to 4, 2023. Guest talks and events are also planned!We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival.

The timetable for the selection program is currently under preparation.

world selection①

Sand box


2021/11m/Russia/Garry Bardin

sandbox_still 2.jpg

The relationships in the courtyard reflect the adult world. Through their conflicts, the children develop friendships and mutual understanding, creating their own little world. Directed by master filmmaker Gari Bardin.

Ana Morphose


2023/10m/Portugal/Joao Rodrigues

パノラマA_3_Ana Morphose.jpg

A girl falls asleep while reading a book. Reality begins to dissolve into another reality where the contents of the book dominate. Anna must find her place in a world where nothing is as it seems.



2023/1m42s/Germany,Croatia/Maya Yonesho


Varazdin is an old and beautiful city in Croatia. The participants drew about the city and Croatia, drew, walked and filmed the middle of it. This is the 44th Daumenreise (Thumbnail Journey) animation project.

Tom Thumb


2023/26m/Russia/Nikolay Lichtenfeld, Ivan Kostiurin

パノラマA_7_Tom Thumb.jpg

Thumb Tom is collecting pieces of glass in a ditch surrounded by grass. Through the shards of glass he sees insects flitting around him. Tom is lost in the forest. Tom has come to a house where a man-eating demon lives. No...

La Vitualla 


2023/9m/Colombia/Santiago Posada

パノラマA_1_La Vitualla .jpg

On the Caribbean coast of Colombia, there is a belief that grandmother's cooking has special powers, the story of an eight-year-old child named Julio, whose grandmother's cooking is a favorite of the Caribbean.

Socks for the Star


2023/9m30s/Russia/Olga Titova

パノラマA_4_Socks for the Star.jpg

Dancing in a cold universe is dangerous, but a tight-knit friendship can make you strong.

Written by Olga Titova, Mikhail Aldashin

A Swan Story


2023/15m35s/United States/Harrison Lum

パノラマA_6_A Swan Story.jpg

Sciarra, an origami swan living in a paper world, wants to adopt a child and find true love. She tries to find love through speed dating...

world selection②

Big and Small 


2020/6m/Russia/Natalia Grofpel

パノラマB_3_Big and Small.jpg

Children's pockets can be the location of incredible events.



2022/10m/Spain/Sonia Estévez


A female doll is locked in a room, prone on the floor, not moving. Ropes are stretched over her body. Each string is associated with a scene related to an aspect of women's social issues, such as the body, equality, and gender.

Stolen Melody


2023/14m45s/Russia/Georgy Boguslavsky

パノラマB_5_Stolen Melody.jpg

This film shows all the ways to steal melodies known today.

King Sausage


2022/21m11s/Netherlands/Mascha Halberstad

パノラマB_7_King Sausage.jpg

The owner of a butcher store takes on an Italian rival. The formerly simple village is turned upside down and is in danger of losing not only its annual sausage competition, but also its loved ones.

The Magic Violet Rabbit


2023/13m5s/Japan/Kotoko Nakamura

パノラマB_1_The Magic Violet Rabbit.jpg

To escape from his dull life, a man wants to become a wizard. To be a "real" wizard, not a "fake" one.

A White-white day


2022/6m4s/Russia/Vasily Chirkov

パノラマB_2_A White-white day.jpg

There are so many little stories all around us. The footprints of a dog, the sound of a passing train, the color of dead grass in autumn. How are these moments that we usually pass by unnoticed connected to our own lives?

Only Paper


2023/12m20s/France/Maxime Vouillon

パノラマB_6_Only Paper.jpg

Two children wait for their mother's return on the steps of an orphanage.

Student Selection



2022/5m50s/Japan/Erika Nema/Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts


The term "mazimun" refers to a type of ghost that has existed in Okinawa since ancient times. This film depicts a battle between humans and "Kataashipinza," a mazimun seen at the Ganguru-Yumata intersection on Miyako Island.

Swallow Flying to the South


2022/17m38s/United States/Mochi Lin/Rhode Island School of Design

学生3_Swallow Flying to the South.jpg

In the spring of 1976, a five-year-old swallow is abandoned at a public boarding nursery in central Beijing. When the persimmons ripen, the swallow masters how to cry, but not how to fly.

Midnight Special


2023/5m9s/Japan/YOSHIHARA Musashi/Tokyo University of the Arts

学生2_Midnight Special.jpg

The journey begins at an old movie theater buried in a big city. We enter the venue at midnight with snacks and soda, ready to go. As the projector lights come on and the reels begin to spin...

Boogerly Love

Boogerly Love

2022/7m13s/Japan/Kano Ikeda/Tokyo University of the Arts


Hanako, a shy girl, always plays alone, not having the courage to talk to the kids playing together, even though she sees them from afar. Then, Hanako's gal, Bugacho, shows up and helps her make friends.

Dead Air


2023/4m42s/Spain/Ronja Ehlers, Inês Filipa Palma Martins, Melissa Fabienne Klein, Lucía Artiles De Urioste/BAU Barcelona

学生1_Dead Air.jpg

In the midst of symbiotic living, "Dead Air" captures moments of fleeting connection and reveals the beauty in the seemingly mundane.

The Hole

The Hole

2023/6m12s/Japan/Sawako Nakagawa/Tokyo University of the Arts

学生5_The Hole.jpg

We, a mother and daughter, moved into an apartment and went to the next room to say hello. The old woman who lived there invited us in, and when we entered the room, we found two acquaintances and a large hole in the middle of the room.



2022/13m51s/Japan/Tsumugi Yagi/Tokyo Metropolitan Senior High School of the Arts


A world where fiber materials are falling due to climate change. Fearing typhoons, people live in underground caves. A young girl, Asima, and her childhood friend, a boy, set out on a journey to the world above ground...

Mum's Spaghetti


2023/10m53s/United Kingdom/Lisa Kenney/The National Film and Television School

学生4_Mum's Spaghetti.jpg

Poppy, an MC, and Snoop, a beatboxing border terrier, are the new kids in town. They are high achievers and take bubble baths on a daily basis, but when they meet the older crew on their first day of school, Poppy's attitude changes abruptly.

family selection

How to make deep-sea fish cookies

How to make deep-sea fish cookies

2023/3m28s/Japan/Megaro/Tokyo Zokei University


A cookie in the shape of a deep-sea fish runs away from being eaten in a dark room. Human versus cookie! Who will win the battle to the death?

Apple pie


2022/9m14s/Russia/Sergey Merinov, Alexey Alexeev

ファミリー3_Apple pie.jpg

A film about friendship and cooking that can re-educate even the most evil dragon.

Let's uncork the fantasy


2023/3m30s/Italy/Irene Tedeschi/"Battisti" Primary School - Brescia

ファミリー6_Let's uncork the fantasy.jpg

Over the years, Katia, a teacher, has collected hundreds of colored caps of all shapes and sizes. When the time came for her and her class to make a stop-motion film, she had no hesitation!

Bedtime story


2022/1m57s/Mexico/Nadia Samarina/Merinov Animation School

ファミリー7_Bedtime story.jpg

A bedtime story. Most of the time it's gentle and peaceful, the kind that lulls you to sleep. But it doesn't have to be. This story is short but very intense and dynamic, full of transformations, conflicts, and unexpected transformations.

The Christmas tree school


2023/8m7s/Russia/Anastasia Makhlina

ファミリー2_The Сhristmas tree school.jpg

Cactus works as a janitor at a Christmas tree school. He watches over their training and dreams of becoming a Christmas symbol himself.

Little snowman


2020/3m40s/Russia/Aleksey Pochivalov 


One day, a carrot disappeared from Snowman's family. But it turned out that the nose of the carrot was not the most important thing to him; compassion and kindness were more important.

Home immigration


2023/3m27s/Norway/Haruna Inagaki/KMD in the University of Bergen

ファミリー4_Home immigration.jpg

Home immigration is the moment when an everyday object passes through the immigration office upon entering a human home. Who is welcome and who is not?

Troublemaker Tommy

Vigurivänt Volli(トラブルメーカー・トミー)

2021/14m58s/Estonia/Rao Heidmets, Pauline Heidmets

ファミリー8_Troublemaker Tommy _ Vigurivänt Volli.jpg

The benefits of urban life also attract forest animals. Life in a zoo is everyone's dream.



2021/4m15s/Ukraine/Stepan Koval

ファミリー5_I LOVE LOVING MUM.jpg

The boy paints a picture with the watercolors that were given to him. He paints his mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather. When inspiration strikes, he begins to paint on the walls.

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