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MORC Stopmotion Animation Festival
Entry Form
The MORC Stopmotion Animation Festival is holding a competition for short stopmotion animation. Please review and agree to the Competition Entry Regulations and complete your entry application.

Entry Deadline

October 15, 2023 (Japan time)

Online Entry guidelines

Entries are only accepted via this Online Entry Form and FilmFreeway. Entries are not accepted via other methods, including postal mail. 

1. Submit the Online Entry Form (below) after completing the required fields in English. 
 (Enter the information including title of the work and director’s name in English.

2. After submitting the Entry Form, an automated confirmation email will be sent to
the entrant’s email address. Please keep this confirmation email for your records. Please ensure that your email client can receive emails from .

3. If you have questions about the entry process, please contact the MORC Stopmotion Animation Festival Office at:

1.Film Information

(1)Title of work (original language if other than English)✳︎

Title of work (in English)✳︎

Country of production✳︎

Other countries of production

Production year✳︎




Production company/Educational institution✳︎

Please write “produced by individual” if there is no production company or educational institution.

Distribution company

Is this a student project? (including graduation works)

(2)Languages used in the film✳︎

Dialogue list (MS Word or Excel file)

✳︎For films with a dialogue list, please upload the MS Word or Excel file.

Select file

Technical specifications✳︎

Frame rate

Sound format✳︎

Special remarks

Synopsis of the work (in English)✳︎

For publicity use. Under 150 words.

Still image✳︎

Please upload still images from the work.
(1920 x 1080 or larger recommended, jpg or jpeg files only)

Select file
Select file

Main staff (English)✳︎






Additional information

Project type

(Select all that apply)


Director’s name

(in English)✳︎

Artist name can be used

Email address✳︎


Official website

Photo of director✳︎

Please upload director’s photo
(1500 x 1500 or larger recommended, Jpg or jpeg files only) )

Select file

Director’s profile✳︎

Please Input text or upload PDF.

Under 150 words. For use in festival publicity.

Director’s profile (PDF)

Select file

Director’s filmography and screenings

Please Input text or upload PDF.

Director’s filmography and screenings (PDF)

Select file



Please ensure that the video can be accessed throughout the entry period.


Please provide password if needed to view screener


Company/Educational institution✳︎

Please write “produced by individual” if there is no production company or educational institution


Email address✳︎


Postal code✳︎

Street address✳︎

Telephone number

Official website

5.Competition Entry Regulations

Entry requires acceptance of the Competition Entry Regulations. If you agree to the entry regulations, please check the box below and click “Review submission” to proceed.

​Personal information provided by the submitter will only be used for the operation of this film festival and will not be used for any other purposes.

Competition Entry Regulations agreement

Thank you for your application

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