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full-length work


The official website is now open and we have started accepting submissions!
  (Other information on the festival will be updated as it becomes available.)

full-length work

Outline of the event
"A film festival specializing in time-lapse films with the motto "Stop-motion is fun!""

'22 Last summer, at the stop-motion animation festival Vol.0 held at the mini theater Morc Asagaya,
Special screening of over 100 short and feature-length stop-motion works from Estonia, South Korea, and other countries.
In the fall of 2023, we will promote and publicize stop-motion animation, and above all, discover Japanese artists and cultivate their talent.
This will be the first full-scale event with the addition of <international competition> to the focus.

"Film festival sent by movie theaters"
What you can do because it's a mini theater. Promising works will mainly be a competition to create new places and mechanisms to nurture and support artists, such as supporting theatrical release and distribution, and subsidizing new productions. Programs such as domestic and overseas new works, masterpieces, and works that have not been released in Japan, workshops for beginners and experienced people, and master classes by guest artists.
People who like stop-motion photography, people who support it, people who are making it, people who want to do it in the future, people who don't know it well but are interested, etc... Interacting with people. to create the place. This film festival will be held to deliver the charm of stop-motion animation to many people.

[Holding schedule]
November 18-December 17, 2023
(December 1st to 4th is the main period for film festivals such as competitions)

MiniTheater MorcAsagaya, Zamza Asagaya, Laputa Art Animation School, MORC gallery etc.

[Organizer]  Morc Asagaya & Laputa Art Animation School

Morc Comadori Animation Festival affairsbureau

Support by Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
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